Weather you are visiting town or a local trying to get on the water we are dedicated to offering a service for you!

Our prices include the latest boards by Hyperlite and Ronix.  Companies that share our vision and support our cause!

Weekday Rates                                         Weekend/Holiday Rates
2HR              $379.49                                                                  $479.49
3HR              $479.49                                                                  $579.49
4HR              $579.49                                                                  $679.49
5HR              $679.49                                                                  $779.49
6HR              $779.49                                                                  $879.49
7HR              $879.49                                                                  $979.49
8HR              $979.49                                                                 $1079.49

Guests can select preferred time as long as schedule permits
Guest must arrive at the lake 15 minuets before scheduled trip
Trips start at scheduled time not when guest arrives

15% Gratuity added for groups of 6 or more

Do you have a large party or group?
Pontoon Boats are available!

Contact WAKE for details (970) 367-3822

Demo Board & Gear Rentals

Need a board for the day?

We offer gear and Demo Wake Surfboard rentals at the lake!

Demo Surf Boards/Tubes/Wake Shapers
            $50/Hr $100/Day
Tow Lines/Life Jackets/Wetsuit Tops/Ballast Sacs & Pumps
            $25/Hr  $50/Day


1625 Mid Valley Dr. #1 Suite 158
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487